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In the spirit of getting the project out there, we are offering it to you on a sliding scale basis. Whatever and whenever you chose to pay is up to you. The movie is available to you right now. Revised Version as of 11-2-2020 below!

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The Return, part 1 of 4

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The Return, part 4 of 4

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The Return Audio Movie (42.4 MB mp3)
The Return Audio Movie (127 MB mp3)

When you feel it…


These are no ordinary times and this is no ordinary transmission. The Return, an allegory imaginatively based upon past events is a new take on the Jim Morrison and Pam Courson story. Channeled by psychic medium Richard Lyons and developed with Kristopher Stone into an ‘audio movie’ … What is an audio movie? A story being told in such a way that you know what’s happening without having to see it, other than in your own mind in your own unique way.

Introducing The Spirits of Jim and Pam

The Return is filled with entertaining characters, humor, relationship, breakdown and redemption with one very big twist… Pam Courson’s spirit comes to us from ‘the other side’ as our narrator guiding us through events up to and beyond Jim’s crossing. And, Jim’s spirit comes to us from ‘the other side’ to respond to scenes from his past and finally to describe his afterlife experience.

“When it feels like your whole world is falling apart all around you, stranger than strange, just hold on my friends… The light will come”   Jim’s Spirit (The Return)

The Return comes at the perfect time in a world of uncertainty where people feel like the promise of their future has been broken. With Pam’s Spirit playing a central role throughout the story, her honesty and loving overview brings us from magical beginnings to tragedy to hope and celebration.

“I have found in this life where I am now that the best love to have is the love of life itself. Always choose life my friends, always choose life”   Pam’s Spirit (The Return)

Our current incarnation of The Return is presented as a video in four parts, each approx. 20 to 27 minutes in length. The audio movie is accompanied by a slide show of visual images artistically representing the scenes. A passive viewing experience with a minimum of pictures.

“If only we could be remembered by our finest dreams and to never let them go. It’s all about choice, you know”   Jim (The Return)

C r e d i t s

Richard Lyons
Writer, executive producer, psychic medium.
Kristopher Stone
Co-writer, audio producer/director/engineer, original music and soundtrack. Characters: Jim, Jim’s Spirit, Little Boy Jim, Dennis, Ray, The Devil, Archangel Gabriel, Homeless Man, Jim’s Father, Officer Johnson, Announcer, Max Fink, John. Video Production.
Sandra Winslow
Characters: Narrator/Pam’s Spirit, Pam, Dorothy.
Bennett Gale
Characters: The Count, Felix, Officer Parks, Robbie.
Denise Wolff
Characters: Janet, Jim’s Mother.
Alain Ronay
Photo of Jim and Pam.
Jim And Pam
Ghost-writers, project consultants.
Betsy Forschmidt
Project consultant, contributor.
Kathryn Perry
Project Consultant.
Special Thanks to Vincent van Gogh.

CONTACT: richardlyons@mail.com or kristopher@kristopherstone.com